War Anthems

by Dull Eyes

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'War Anthems' was released in May 2013 on 10" Vinyl through Powertrip Records and on tapes through Headless Guru Records.


released March 12, 2013



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Dull Eyes Düsseldorf, Germany

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Track Name: Sleeping Hands
Sleep tight!
Another train's leaving while I walk by the tracks
I know I've been too slow, You only win when you're fast
My whole life I've been too weak and got too much heart
Maybe I'm better off forgetting my path
Whenever I try to keep my head up high, something's pushin me back
I've really tried it but I cannot change my world view
Maybe I'm sick but what should I tell you?
You know I don't feel grown up enough to live
You know, dear love, there is nothing that I can give
There's no place on earth for those that got an open heart
Under the sleeping hands of Christ only the worst can hide
Oh mother of faith, I've looked you in the eyes and I know I'm losing the control of my life, All of your advice did not ever fit
You have to admit you failed and now I pay the price
One step forward, two steps back
another move, another dead end
Track Name: Icebreaker
It's cold these days, Bitterness prevails
Everywhere I go people got no hope
Society's so ignorant or had it always been?
Iron minds refuse to care what others feel
Frozen structures that can't be broken overcome our souls, destroy doors, don't open 'em, overcome our souls
Prevent the architects of this world when they try to build bridges
So what we need is a fire
If someone could ever break the ice
How long will you sit and watch waiting for your world's demise
Until I take my last breath I won't listen to your lies
Don't talk, stand your ground
Stop spitting shit, cuz I know you lie
Break through it all and break the wall
Open your mouth, make use of your mind
I wouldn't say that I'm a pessimist
But these days this world got me pissed
Track Name: Heavyweight
As long as there's blood that runs through my veins, I'll be a goddamn heavyweight in fucking up things
All the days and all the nights I spend thinking about how to change myself
I'm spending too much time alone and boredom leads me away from all hope
But I always try to make things right, so no, not yet, I won't give it up yet
I always try to make me think like that, at first it works but then I go to bed
Sleepless and the results guide me in my dark circle
Thinking of you, abandoned hope again
Dreaming of a brighter future
Fuck this life of pain
I'd swear I'll never find no luck at all, never be a proud man
Girl, won't you be mine, it's never too late
To the rhythm of your kisses I will hang my head
Sleepless and the results guide me in my dark circle
Thinking of you, abandoned hope again
Track Name: David & Goliath
Empty heart, cold face
Get out of the light, I wanna see something
Stop smiling at me if it is not meant
I spit in your face, just to see how you react
I show you my back and protect my neck
I save my energy for eternity
Try to find the key to get into me
Try to break me down, I am stronger than you
I'm a giant in a crowd of ants
I mean everyone except my friends
Watch out, the chain that swings
Run as fast as you can if you're weak
I'm superior, you're inferior
Someone has to lose in this game called life
Fuck the world
We're all lost in the haze